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October 09, 2017

Thanks U magazine for the featuring us!

Thanks U magazine for the featuring ! We guarantee the coffee is definitely better than the look of the shop!

U Magazine

喺中環一幢舊樓底,有間門面好低調嘅 coffee bar,第一印像係覺得它minimal 到好似 Apple Store 咁嘅見唔到部咖啡機嘅?原來咖啡機唔再牛龜咁大,用嘅係現今歐美咖啡界最時尚、縮水細到好似啤酒 tap 頭咁大嘅 Modbar,旁邊仲放咗部 2016 年喺 Kickstarter 光速眾籌嘅咖啡神器,加埋霓虹燈光同後方嘅後花園,真係超型、超想「潮」拜、超想打卡囉!
13 Peel by Inferno Dynamics Coffee Roastery
地址:中環卑利街 13 號地下
電話:9881 7013
營業時間:星期一至五8am - 5:30pm,星期六日9:30am - 6:30pm
White $40
Black $35

September 23, 2017

September 22, 2017

Thanks Milk Magazine HK for featuring us!

Thanks @milkmagazine_hk for featuring us at this week issue! Descriptions are so on point and pictures are beyond great!

May 09, 2017

Ethiopia Guji Natural

One of our and our customer's favourite single origin selection. 100% Organic. Growing at an altitude above 2000m for extremely rich and intense flavour. Perfect for pourover as well as espresso.

Juicy, lots of berries, citrus notes like bergamot, floral like white flowers. Sweet and floral aftertaste. Very complex and packed with flavours from the first zip to the end. Unforgettable.

It is perfect on its own so we will be doing a Single Origin Espresso during HOFEX! Come have a taste of the terror of Ethiopia Guji Highland.

This is available for Retailing and Distributing. Contact us for more information!!

Ethiopia Guji Natural

September 14, 2016

Congratulations to Alvin for being the 2nd runner up in HKBrC 2016

Congratulations to Alvin for being the 2nd runner up in Hong Kong Brewers Cup Championship!

It is such a great pleasure to be part of the competition and meeting all these new friends in the Hong Kong Scene. We have gain so much experience and joy through out the whole event. It is truly a blessing!

We will also be working with the Brew Job in the next 2 months and make available some of our special direct trade selections as well as competition beans set for all you coffee addicts out there. Stay tune and drop by for a nice decent cup of coffee at a bargain or just a nice warm chit chat.


September 13, 2016

Congratulations to Hamigua Kwan in ranking No. 5 in HKBC 2016

Congratulations to Hamigua Kwan in ranking No. 5 in our debut Hong Kong Barista Championship 2016!

It is our honor to take part in the competition and take our game to Final to compete with the finest baristas in Hong Kong. We cannot ask for a more joyful way to share our coffee passion and knowledge with one and other. It is one of the best experience ever.

We will definitely solve our technical problems and come back stronger next time !! Special thanks to all that have support us along the way. We would never have done it without you guys!

Also, we will be working with the Brew Job Coffee in the next 2 months and make available some of our special direct trade selections as well as competition beans set for all you coffee addicts out there. Stay tune and drop by for a nice decent cup of coffee at a bargain or just a nice warm chit chat.

August 05, 2016

First Direct Trade with a Coffee Farm in Ethiopia

We are lucky and proud to announce our first DIRECT TRADE with a coffee farm in Ethiopia.

DIRECT TRADE as you would understand it is a direct purchase between coffee roastery and farm. By skipping the middle man coffee farmers are able to get a premium from their great quality SPECIALTY COFFEE (like the G1 Ethiopian coffee below) and more importantly the end user (coffee roastery) can communicate directly with the farm. Giving feedback and understanding the changes of the coffee under weather, processing, political issues...

As a small independent coffee roastery, Inferno Dynamics is striving for green bean quality, roasting profile and a fairness for our dear coffee farmers when they are producing top cup quality coffee. As a customer you can now taste one of the most beautiful and unique coffee that you might not have tasted before. And for us we will continue to promote SPECIALTY COFFEE.


直接貿易,你會明白它是咖啡烘焙店和農場之間的直接購買。通過跳過中間人,種植咖啡的農民能夠從他們偉大的品質特色咖啡得到所得價格(如下面的G1埃塞俄比亞咖啡) ,更重要的是最終用戶( Coffee Roastery)可以與農場直接通信。提供反饋和理解關於咖啡在天氣下,處理方法,政治問題等的變化...

作為一個獨立的小咖啡烘焙店,Inferno Dynamics 正在努力爭取綠豆質量,烘焙的研究,以及為我們親愛的咖啡農在當他們生產高品質的咖啡的公平性。作為咖啡愛好者的你們,你現在可以品嚐最美麗和獨特的咖啡,你以前可能沒有嘗了一口。而對於我們,我們將繼續推動精品咖啡。

June 03, 2016

Espresso & Ristretto

These days we seem all obsessed with the TDS (Total dissolved Solid) machine in our coffee shops, trying to put up some fancy mathematical equations and numbers but how do they make your coffee taste actually better?

You might probably know the answer already or seen something similar been mentioned, please kindly let me know as I keen to find out more. After all these are just my opinion based on my own experience.

Ok let's take a look at the "extraction equation",

Extraction = extracted coffee(g) * Tds(%) / ground(g)

So eventually after you put in all the numbers you will get an extraction in percentage. And let say here an example of an espresso in the shop:

Extraction= 60g * 6.70% / 18g = 22.3%

a VST machine for measuring TDS

<espresso vs milk coffee>

Not bad for an espresso made with a well seasoned and well cleaned grinder ( we used Anfim if you must know which grinder ) and after all the numbers and calculations, I like to give it a taste. With our baristas and myself we all agreed that it tasted all the characteristics that we expected (medium roast), floral, nutty, chocolate like, good body and importantly very high sweetness with very almost none bitterness.

<espresso vs Ristretto>

So the story goes that we pulled another shot with very similar numbers and then made a flat white (essentially another milk based coffee). Surprisingly it tasted a bit flat or blank basically just lacking the essence of coffee. But why? After some thoughts and experiments we found that the milk coffee tastes much better and fuller with a LOWER extraction yield and HIGHER tds% or simply by pulling a bit tighter and shorter shot than the espresso or some may called Ristretto. I know some of you might want to stop reading as soon as you see this word Ristretto but please let me explain.

On the extraction yield equation, if we pull a Ristretto like this:

Extraction = 40g *8.7% / 18g = 19.3%

Which compares to the espresso, the extraction yield is down by 3%! So are you telling me lower extraction yield can taste more "coffee" in your milk drink? Yes. It seems counterintuitive but here is why:

<lower is higher>

Let's take a 180ml coffee cup that we make our latte or whatever milk coffee in. By pulling an espresso you will get about 60ml of coffee and 120ml of milk and that 60ml of espresso is made up of 60g * 6.7% = 4.02g dissolved coffee solid + 56.98g of water. On the other hand for the Ristretto you can actually put in more milk about 140ml into your 180ml cup and again the Ristretto is made up of 40g * 8.7% = 3.48g dissolved coffee solid + 36.52g of water. Forget all the numbers above and I would like to introduce this formula I called "milk - water ratio" which simply represents the intensity of milk in your beverage:

Milk-water ratio = milk/(milk + water) * 100%

If you drink your Americano with a stash of milk basically you are adding a small amount of milk into a large amount of water which dilutes the milk thus the mouth feel and the sweetness is no where near a latte which has a high intensity of milk. So back to the espresso vs Ristretto based milk coffee:

Coffee solid Water Milk Milk intensity

Espresso 4.02g 56.98g 120ml 67.8%

Ristretto 3.48g 36.52g 140ml 79.3%

So here is the figures and you just cannot kill two birds with one stone this time, there's no way the coffee can be extracted without using water. By lowering the extraction yield obviously the coffee intensity is compromised but the beverage will have a higher milk intensity and more fat and sweetness essentially.

<barista vs machine>

Funny thing is the two Espresso and Ristretto examples above are made with the same coffee bean, grinder, grind size, espresso machine, machine settings and dosage. The only difference is the barista use slightly higher tamping pressure on the Ristretto. If you agree with what I just said above regarding making black coffee and milk coffee, all the barista has to do is to tamp accordingly. I see there's some very nice machine that could make very consistence tamping time over time. But does it has the soul to determine how to make your next coffee according to your customer's request? After I think I still prefer the coffee made by hands of my local barista with craftsmanship and passion.

Happy coffee making.

by Ching Kwok
All rights reserved. 2 Jun 2016.
May 02, 2016

Sunday Pop Up @ Tong Chong Street Market

Sunday pop up 1/5

Today we feature:

-Peru Chachamayo (1400m) washed
Single Origin Espresso

-Colombia Finca Santuario (1950m-2100m) Red Bourbon Washed
Pour over Single Origin

See you 11-5

March 02, 2016

F&B Stall at Freespace Happening on 28 Feb

Thanks to the invitation from our partner Bagoes, we had a successful joint collaboration on food and beverage stall in Freespace Happening Event held at West Kowloon Waterfront Promenadeon on 28 February. 


Weather was perfect and customers were so lovely. We just can't wait to share our coffee to you again. :)