First Direct Trade with a Coffee Farm in Ethiopia - Inferno Dynamics Coffee Roastery

First Direct Trade with a Coffee Farm in Ethiopia

We are lucky and proud to announce our first DIRECT TRADE with a coffee farm in Ethiopia.

DIRECT TRADE as you would understand it is a direct purchase between coffee roastery and farm. By skipping the middle man coffee farmers are able to get a premium from their great quality SPECIALTY COFFEE (like the G1 Ethiopian coffee below) and more importantly the end user (coffee roastery) can communicate directly with the farm. Giving feedback and understanding the changes of the coffee under weather, processing, political issues...

As a small independent coffee roastery, Inferno Dynamics is striving for green bean quality, roasting profile and a fairness for our dear coffee farmers when they are producing top cup quality coffee. As a customer you can now taste one of the most beautiful and unique coffee that you might not have tasted before. And for us we will continue to promote SPECIALTY COFFEE.


直接貿易,你會明白它是咖啡烘焙店和農場之間的直接購買。通過跳過中間人,種植咖啡的農民能夠從他們偉大的品質特色咖啡得到所得價格(如下面的G1埃塞俄比亞咖啡) ,更重要的是最終用戶( Coffee Roastery)可以與農場直接通信。提供反饋和理解關於咖啡在天氣下,處理方法,政治問題等的變化...

作為一個獨立的小咖啡烘焙店,Inferno Dynamics 正在努力爭取綠豆質量,烘焙的研究,以及為我們親愛的咖啡農在當他們生產高品質的咖啡的公平性。作為咖啡愛好者的你們,你現在可以品嚐最美麗和獨特的咖啡,你以前可能沒有嘗了一口。而對於我們,我們將繼續推動精品咖啡。