About Us - Inferno Dynamics Coffee Roastery


he Inferno idea is synonymous with pursuing a quality living. Lifestyle is about good living and it is one of the most important elements in Life. It is the idea Inferno Dynamics endeavors to promote in the way it knows best, serving up the ultimate coffee experience. We specialize in the very beginning of that experience by carefully sourcing and roasting our coffee beans.



The name “Inferno”

“Inferno”, the first part of Dante Alighieri’s 14th Century epic poem Divine Comedy, means ‘hell’ in Italian. Dante endured hell to find his way towards God and it is with that kind of determination we strive to reveal the full flavor potential of raw green beans through roasting.

Just as how we let our beans underwent high heat fire roasting for flavor development. The inherent potential flavor within the coffee bean could not be truly revealed unless the perfect roasting profile was found. Coffee roasting, has always been and will always been our goal to discover and share the hidden Angel’s flavor to everyone.



Coffee is art while coffee farmers, roasters and baristas are the craftsmen. The best cup of coffee is a collection of their expertise. Coffee beans travel a long way before they transform into a delicacy and we are involved in every aspect of their journey. It is not easy but we do it to ensure our customers get to appreciate the true potential of every coffee bean.


But how?

We travel the globe to source our own coffee supplies. We trade directly with farmers and we experiment with groundbreaking growing and processing methods to push the flavor boundaries and develop unique flavors.

Also, at Inferno Dynamics, our goal is to extract the very essence of every coffee bean and share with coffee lovers our passion for fine coffee. We strive to share the freshest and latest seasonal coffee selection with our customers, and we only import coffee beans at their peak condition. Single Origin, Seasonal Offerings, Seasonal Espresso and Year Round Classics may vary from time to time, but they are guaranteed to be the best of their kind.

The Inferno Roasting Laboratory has been specifically set up to pursue roasting and brewing perfection. No stone is left unturned as we continue to challenge the established roasting profiles and techniques.


What do we do

  • Premium Green Coffee Selection (Well Known farms, Traceable, organic)
  • Coffee Roasting (From Customized Blend to Single Origin)
  • Coffee products distributor (Roasting Machine, brewing equipment)
  • Coffee beverages distributions (Bottled Ice Drips)
  • Coffee shop consulting Services
  • Barista Training Services
  • Coffee catering services
  • Temporary Coffee Kiosk Set up (Events, exhibitions, etc)
  • Roasting and Brewing lessons


Our Credentials and Awards

  • ACE membership (Cup of Excellence)
  • CQI / SCAA Q Arabica Coffee Grader
  • SCAE Intermediate Roaster
  • “Coffee Review” Scored 90+
  • HKBrC 2016 2nd Runner Up
  • HKBC 2016 Ranking No. 5


Our Promises

  • Highest quality coffee selection from well known coffee farms ( Organic and Traceable)
  • Q grader cupping before importing green bean directly from farm
  • Regular Farm Trip visits
    • To better understand the latest coffee processing method
    • A better understand of the flavor of origin in order to reveal the true flavor from coffee beans
  • World class roasting facility for highest standards and protocols
  • Premium packaging to preserve the flavor of roasted coffee beans
  • Full customize services, from beans selection to follow up services
    • Guaranteed of quality and flavors, our team will follow up entirely with our clients for each and every questions and enquiries.


    Reach Us / Leave a Message

    Shop Address: 13 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong

    Phone: (+852) 98817013